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We listen – and we listen well.

Modern Intelligence ’ first obligation is to understand your wants and needs. Our Professional Team: Engineers, Skilled Technicians, and Customer Retention Experts. We have special expertise in every ICT and non-ICT domains. To sum it all up, our engineers have experienced almost everything in the field. To deliver the best solution for our kind customer.

Your way.

Once we decide exactly what components you desire, we go into the design phase, creating a detailed custom plan for you. This discovery and design is thoughtful and carefully documented, so there are no surprises once the system is installed. You will understand exactly what you are getting to avoid any misunderstandings upfront.

Your custom Solution plan with no surprises.

You will also know exactly how much the project will cost. There are never any hidden costs. Our custom plan and pricing is our promise to you, that we will complete the project as detailed at the price we quoted.

The possibilities are endless.

Contact us today to set up a free consultation & Service, in your home or business. You can Email us at [email protected] Or [email protected]

Commercial & Residential Solutions



Within the residential vector, Modern Intelligence specializes in delivering high-end luxury automation & AV solutions. With all sub-systems integrated, Modern Intelligence provides homeowners with comprehensive control over the entire space. Our aim is to enhance lifestyle through functionality, control & aesthetics.

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Modern Intelligence offers comprehensive services in delivering Low-Current, ELV & ICT solutions to all commercial spaces & facilities. We cater to each sub-scope specifically, providing the latest in hardware & software integrated solutions.

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